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Cyathea smithii Soft Tree Fern, Katote needs reasonable shelter from wind and can be prone to drying out … but is worth the effort in a suitable spot. (So in dry times please ensure it gets good watering). It produces masses of very soft and delicate looking fronds which spread horizontally from the crown and reach 2 – 2.5m in length. The trunk is covered in chestnut coloured scales, and while it can reach up to 8m in height is fairly slow growing. The old fronds hang down to form a skirt around the trunk, which helps protect it from pests and maintain some humidity. Available in pots and planter bags – in sizes from small size with no trunk, up to 1.5m+ trunk height. It is the southern most growing fern in the Southern hemisphere being found on the Auckland Islands so its very hardy despite it being called the soft tree fern.

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